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Vacanțe și distracții in "St.George" - Pomorie

"St.George" - odihnă


Wellness & Spa

Pomorie is famous as a resort and curative centre from the remote past, for which show a series of archeological finds. It is famous with the firth mud, lye, sea climate and water, which in combination with its curative factors improves the nano - genetic changes in the component tissues, joint structures /upon rheumatic diseases/, improves the thropics of tissues /upon traumatic orthopedic diseases/, analgesic and stimulating the regeneration of injured nerves /upon troubles of the peripheral nervous system/, stimulation of the sexual glands /upon gynecological diseases and mostly upon sterility/.
In reference thereto the Spa ïżœ center has concentrated his activity mainly in using of local natural products, as Pomorie curative mud, lake water, mud solution, lye /product from the salt-produce in Pomorie / seaweeds, sea water etc.

The curative mud is a natural product, which is formed on the bottom of the Pomorie Lake with the participation of series of hydro-geological, biological, chemical, bio-chemical and micro-biological processes. The lake is located close to Pomorie and it is a typical lagoon. The structure of the Pomorie mud includes 3 components, one of them is liquid /mud solution/ and in chemical structure it is close to that of the sea water, but much more concentrated. According to the data of NCFAR thereof it contains chloride ions - 16,9 g/kg, sulfate - 2,1 g/kg, carbonate - 1,4 g/kg, sodium - 1,4 g/kg, calcium - 0, 3 g/kg, magnesium - 1,3 g/kg. The other components are formed of crystal and inorganic salts: carbonate, sulfate, phosphate, chloride etc. The lye is final product from salt-producing in Pomorie. It is prepared after evaporation of the sea water and crystallization of salt. It contains calcium, sodium, magnesium, chloride, sulfates etc.
The spa treatment programs, offered by the spa - center are prepared by specialists, they may be used for prophylactic, without proven disease. A team of specialists is also appointed, giving the needed prescriptions, information and programs for the guests.
All programs include free medical examinations.

Beauty & Care

The ïżœSt. Georgeïżœ Beauty & Care Centre offers its guests a wide range of procedures and refreshing cosmetic programmes, their aim being to help maintain beauty. Jointly with the French THALïżœION company, our staff have developed specific treatments and programmes which have their stimulating, tonic, rejuvenating and refreshing effect on human beauty.

Health & Leisure

ïżœ Anti-wrinkle therapy with unique lifting effect
ïżœ Tightening therapy
ïżœ Cleaning therapy for oily and problematic skin ïżœ anti-acne therapy
ïżœ Deep nourishing therapy
ïżœ Cleansing therapy for mixed and oily skin
ïżœ Hydralift therapy with natural sea collagen for all skin types

Facials & more

* Face cleaning
* Face massage
* Massage and vapozone
* Face pack
* Ionophoresis
* dïżœArsonval
* Eyebrow trimming
* Eyebrow dyeing
* Eyelashes dyeing
* Manicure
* Decoration
* Lasting eyelash curling
* Eyelashes thickening
* Epilation - cola mask

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Sauna: da, gratuit, ,dry herbal sauna
Proceduri spa: da, plătit

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